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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DEMO? is a LIVE DEMO website of iLoveUSAM Direct Selling & Multi- Level Marketing with ONLINE SHOP complete with 8 different Marketing Plans that you can just TURN ON "or" TURN OFF anytime you want without the need of I.T./Programmer. 

You can have this as WHITELABEL which means EVERYTHING will be in your OWN BRAND including CUSTOMER SUPPORT & TECHINCAL ASSISTANCE.

It provides multiple plan types and features in just a single software such as Direct Referral, Unilevel, Binary, Auto-Matrix, Board Exit, Monoline, Odd Even and Pass Up.

This is best if you want to sell products online and give rewards to your buyer in a form of POINTS and the same time they can also get reward points everytime they refer other buyers. They can withdraw their POINTS and convert it to CASH "or" they can just USE it to buy Products. 

Referral Rewards can be upto 10th level "or" 15th level. It depends on your Rewards Program. This is best to create LOYALTY & RETENTION for all your customers.

You can use this default website template/design "or" we can provide you customize template.

We provide FREE Website Domain Name with SSL Certificate plus Hosting and install this Software in less than 1 hour. 

Just download iLoveUSAM USER APP in ANDROID & iOS for FREE and TAP icon MLM BUILDER for additional information.

To access Admin Panel, Please click ADMIN DEMO located above in HEADER SECTION.

To access Member Panel, Please Sign-Up for FREE and Use your USERNAME and PASSWORD to Sign-In in MEMBER DEMO LOG-IN.


We will be your BACKEND SPECIALIST that will assist you for any technical and customization features that you want to integrate and add. 

2. How to avail our limited promo?

Send your letter of intent to buy and avail our promo to "or" for faster assistance.

Include your name, mobile number, desired website domain name & location.

You can schedule a One on One live training if you want via ZOOM "or" in person.

3. Can I add SMS Notification?

YES, you  can add SMS Gateway such as Twilio to enable SMS Notifications.

Ex. Member Registration, Income, Forgot Password & Product Order.

SMS Notification is a real time notification on selected member transactions.

4. Can I add local Payment Gateway?

YES, you can add local payment gateway of your choice and we integrate it.

Your members can pay you using Bank and Non-Bank access.

Ex. G-Cash,, 7/Eleven, Cebuana, Mlhuilier, Palawan, LBC & etc..

5. Can I add digital/electronic products?

YES, you can add Electronic products like Eload, Bills Payment, Airline Tickets & Remittances.

This can be your additional products aside from beverages & supplements.

We also provide Digital Policy 1 Month "or" 1 Year Accident Insurance that is best for your Membership Package.

Paperless Insurance Coverage. 

6. Can I use my own Website Template?

YES, you can use your desired website template display.

We can provide you template choices or even cutomize it to fit what you like.

7. Can I add Marketing Plan?

YES, you can add customize marketing plan as you like.

You can view and test our existing MLM Plan Under SETTINGS.

Click "MLM Plan Settings".

We provide above this page Admin Demo & Member Demo for FREE.

You have 8 Marketing Plans that you can use right away such as, Direct Referral, Unilevel, Binary, Monoline, Board Exit, Odd/Even, Auto-Matrix and Pass Up or Australian X-UP type of Marketing Plan.

8. Can I add mobile app in my Brand?

YES, you can add Adroid and iOS App of your own MLM Brand.

This is additional platform that your members can access aside from website.

9. Can I operate worldwide?

YES, you can Operate regardless of what COUNTRY you maybe.

You can use your desired CURRENCY and LANGUAGE.

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